Why do I rub my feet together just as I’m falling asleep?

Our feet and legs, often neglected in the study of body language, transmit a lot of valuable information about what we are sensing, thinking, and feeling. We pay so much attention to the face and other parts of the body, that we forget the importance of these vital appendages.It’s a mistake most of us make, and we shouldn’t, because in many ways the feet and legs are the most accurate part of our body. They reflect our true emotions and intentions, in real time, unlike our face and other parts of the body, and they can be instrumental in the detection of deception.

این خبر به صورت اتوماتیک توسط ربات های خبربده به علت محبوبیت خبر جمع آوری شده و سابت خبر بده مسولیتی در قبال محتوی ندارد.


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